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couples grow into families

February 14, 2018  •  2 Comments


I am often asked is my children's favorite daily question.  But last week I was asked why I do what I do.  Why choose to be a photographer.  The answer is simple.  I love.  I love photos in frames.  I love the stories captured within the four corners.  I love the opportunity to serve, to build relationships, and to stop a moment...a moment that starts with an "I do"....seeing a couple's hope for a future full of what life has to offer.  I love hearing mothers of brides telling me, as I am photographing their daughter's wedding, that they cannot wait to call me for baby pictures (and to see the daughter's!).  Or getting a call from one of my brides to hear they just added a new fur-baby to their family and they need family pictures....and my heart is full.  

Jennifer B Photography-Rodas Family-2017-0005Jennifer B Photography-Rodas Family-2017-0005

It is a wonderful reminder to my "why"

It was almost 2 years ago that I met this couple...they were fun, joyful, and so much in love.  

JenniferBPhotography-J&KEngagementsession-11JenniferBPhotography-J&KEngagementsession-11 Lewis and I ​​​​​​felt so honored to photograph their wedding.  

The day was perfect and they were surrounded​ by wonderful family and friends.   So much in love....

But there is more.... JenniferBPhotography-J&KWeddingCarolinaHotelPinehurst-WeddingPartyandcouple2016-93JenniferBPhotography-J&KWeddingCarolinaHotelPinehurst-WeddingPartyandcouple2016-93

In comes baby, Ella...the perfect product of their love.  

And walking into their sweet home, I saw their family...and there is so much love.  

Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0013Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0013 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0022Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0022 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0039Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0039 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0042Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0042 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0048Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0048 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0052Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0052 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0071Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0071 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0079Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0079 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0077Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0077 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0084Jennifer B Photography-Baby Ella Morris-2018-0084

A couple of days ago, I dropped off an album to one of my fabulous brides...she wrote a thank you and exclaimed "this isn't the end though!!  The day we need maternity pictures-I'm calling you."  I was about in tears (yes, Katie, you are fabulous, amazing, and I cannot wait!)



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Yes! I feel like one of the best parts of being a photographer is the love you get to share and how you get to watch amazing families grow!!! It warms my heart every day.
These are LOVELY
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