Jennifer B. Photography: Blog en-us (C) Jennifer B. Photography (Jennifer B. Photography) Tue, 19 Jun 2018 01:25:00 GMT Tue, 19 Jun 2018 01:25:00 GMT Jennifer B. Photography: Blog 120 90 Kiana and Andrews engagement I cannot get over how sweet this couple is!  They met in high school and have been together ever since.  They were so much fun, genuine, and so much in love.

Andrew and Kiana, I cannot wait for your wedding day...but since it is in 2019, I must.  (LOL!!)


Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0001_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0001_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0006_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0008_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0008_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0011_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0011_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0012_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0012_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0020_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0027_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0027_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0030_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0030_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0031_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0031_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0035_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0035_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0042_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0042_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0050_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0050_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0054_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0054_    Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0057_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0057_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0063_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0063_    Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0071_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0071_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0072_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0072_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0076_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0076_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0080_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0080_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0083_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0083_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0084_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0084_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0087_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0087_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0089_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0089_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0103_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0103_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0106_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0106_    Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0109_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0109_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0112_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0112_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0115_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0115_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0126_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0126_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0127_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0127_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0130_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0130_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0140_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0140_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0147_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0147_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0151_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0151_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0154_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0154_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0159_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0159_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0160_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0160_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0168_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0168_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0177_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0177_ Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0181_Jennifer B Photography-Andrew & Kiana's Engagement-2018-0181_

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Nick and Laurens proposal-16 June 2018 Congratulations, Nick & Lauren!


Nick & Lauren have known each other since elementary school and have been dating for quite some time. Nick planned a sweet proposal at Reservoir sunrise.  It was a perfect day and she was smiling from ear to ear.  

Nick & Lauren, welcome to NC.  Welcome to your new home!

Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0003_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0003_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0004_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0004_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0008_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0008_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0006_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0009_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0009_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0012_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0012_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0013_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0013_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0017_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0017_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0020_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0021_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0021_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0023_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0023_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0025_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0025_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0026_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0026_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0028_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0028_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0029_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0029_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0032_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0032_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0033_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0033_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0034_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0034_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0037_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0037_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0040_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0040_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0044_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0044_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0046_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0046_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0047_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0047_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0049_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0049_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0051_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0051_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0053_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0053_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0054_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0054_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0055_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0055_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0058_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0058_ Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0060_Jennifer B Photography-Proposal-2018-0060_


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Bill and Teresa-wedding day Congratulations, Bill & Teresa!

Bill & Teresa

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Bill and Teresas wedding day Bill & Teresa's wedding day was full of joy.  

Teresa was glowing...truly radiant.  It called for rain, but sunshine surrounded them (it seriously rained all around the location).

Teresa's daughter and son walked her down the isle to give her away.  When they met at the alter, they were so excited that they attempted to skip to the kiss...and they giggled.  It was a beautiful ceremony followed by a day of ice cream, donuts, delicious cake made by one of her sisters, and peach ice cream.

The band was wonderful...the dancing was was the laughter.  

And no rain!!!

Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0002_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0002_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0003_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0003_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0006_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0012_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0012_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0020_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0028_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0028_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0034_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0034_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0037_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0037_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0041_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0041_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0046_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0046_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0048_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0048_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0052_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0052_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0056_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0056_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0066_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0066_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0069_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0069_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0072_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0072_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0084_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0084_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0085_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0085_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0086_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0086_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0087_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0087_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0095_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0095_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0097_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0097_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0100_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0100_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0101_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0101_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0104_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0104_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0107_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0107_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0108_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0108_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0110_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0110_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0114_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0114_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0117_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0117_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0121_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0121_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0122_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0122_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0124_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0124_

Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0126_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0126_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0128_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0128_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0135_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0135_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0138_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0138_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0140_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0140_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0142_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0142_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0150_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0150_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0152_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0152_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0163_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0163_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0168_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0168_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0186_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0186_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0187_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0187_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0192_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0192_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0212_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0212_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0217_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0217_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0222_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0222_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0226_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0226_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0228_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0228_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0232_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0232_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0234_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0234_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0239_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0239_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0243_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0243_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0244_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0244_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0246_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0246_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0248_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0248_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0249_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0249_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0250_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0250_    Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0254_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0254_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0257_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0257_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0259_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0259_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0270_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0270_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0276_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0276_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0291_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0291_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0298_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0298_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0300_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0300_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0305_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0305_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0311_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0311_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0313_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0313_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0329_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0329_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0331_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0331_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0335_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0335_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0341_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0341_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0343_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0343_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0345_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0345_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0351_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0351_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0360_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0360_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0362_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0362_ Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0369_Jennifer B Photography-BT Blog-2018-0369_

Thanks to the creative team!

The Wedding Planner: Shannon Carpenter- Magnolia and Pine Events

My BFF and second shooter, Tiffany

Venue: Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities

Hair & Makeup: Tiffany Carpenter (Glow by TC)

Catering: Thai Fusion 

Desserts: Southern Angel Donut Co.

Band: Tellico

Rentals: Ward Productions

Florals: Botanicals


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Don and Tracy Rock This Friday wedding was one for the books.  The rain did not slow this couple down...I informed the bride that it started raining and she exclaimed with an excited "Yes!  I hear it's good luck to rain on your wedding day!"    Tracy was one of the most positive and lovely brides.  There was nothing but radiant smiles inside the Fair Barn that day as she was walked down the isle by her two little men (her sons).  They met their new dad with high fives.  The rain stopped and the party began.

Congratulations, Don & Tracy!

Thanks to the creative team!

My BFF and second shooter, Tiffany

Venue: The Fair Barn

DJ: Jason Huggins Stylus NC

Hair & Makeup: Meghan Nicole

Catering: Southern Harvest

Cake: C Cups Cakery

Florals: Jack Hadden Floral & Events

Kirk Tours

Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0001_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0001_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0003_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0003_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0007_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0007_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0008_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0008_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0010_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0010_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0014_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0014_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0020_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0053_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0053_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0023_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0023_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0055_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0055_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0022_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0022_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0026_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0026_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0028_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0028_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0030_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0030_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0031_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0031_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0033_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0033_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0034_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0034_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0037_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0037_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0039_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0039_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0040_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0040_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0041_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0041_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0042_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0042_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0046_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0046_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0047_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0047_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0049_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0049_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0006_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0059_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0059_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0061_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0061_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0063_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0063_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0065_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0065_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0068_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0068_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0072_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0072_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0073_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0073_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0074_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0074_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0077_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0077_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0078_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0078_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0080_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0080_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0082_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0082_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0084_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0084_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0085_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0085_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0087_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0087_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0088_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0088_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0089_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0089_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0090_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0090_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0094_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0094_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0096_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0096_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0098_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0098_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0102_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0102_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0104_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0104_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0105_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0105_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0106_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0106_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0108_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0108_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0057_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0057_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0056_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0056_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0112_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0112_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0115_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0115_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0116_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0116_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0118_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0118_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0122_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0122_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0131_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0131_ Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0133_Jennifer B Photography-Don and Tracy Favs-2018-0133_

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Robbie and Courtney's wedding What a day!  What a joyous occasion!

Robbie & Courtney went all out for this celebration.  With the help of their sweet family and amazing friends, they pulled off quite the wedding day!  Surrounded by those they love, they exchanged vows (after Courtney rode in on her unicorn of a horse).  There was tears of joy and laughter throughout the day...with sweet memories of Courtney's father who had passed, but was there in spirit.

Congratulations, Robbie & Courtney!!!!  It was an amazing ride!


Thanks to the creative team!

My BFF and second shooter, Tiffany

Venue: The Inn At Midpines

Hair & Makeup: The Mod Shop

Florals: Hollyfield Designs

Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0001_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0001_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0002_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0002_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0007_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0007_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0009_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0009_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0011_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0011_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0013_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0013_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0015_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0015_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0017_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0017_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0024_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0024_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0029_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0029_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0025_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0025_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0027_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0027_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0028_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0028_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0031_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0031_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0035_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0035_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0037_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0037_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0040_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0040_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0050_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0050_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0052_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0052_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0051_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0051_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0057_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0057_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0062_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0062_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0071_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0071_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0072_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0072_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0001_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0001_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0033_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0033_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0002_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0002_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0004_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0004_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0003_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav1-2018-0003_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0073_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0073_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0074_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0074_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0077_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0077_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0078_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0078_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0082_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0082_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0085_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0085_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0094_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0094_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0097_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0097_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0087_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0087_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0089_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0089_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0101_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0101_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0109_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0109_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0102_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0102_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0103_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0103_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0105_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0105_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0104_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0104_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0107_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0107_ Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0113_Jennifer B Photography-Robbie and Courtney Fav-2018-0113_


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Don and Tracy's Wedding Day What a wonderful day for a wedding!  It may have rained, but there was nothing but sunshine from my perspective.

Congratulations to Don & Tracy!!!


Don and Tracy

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Haydon and Mary Lawrence-engagement Wow was it hot yesterday...a blistering 94 degrees...but this wonderful couple made it look easy and I had so much fun, I forgot about the heat.

Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0002_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0002_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0006_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0010_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0010_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0013_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0013_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0014_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0014_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0016_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0016_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0020_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0022_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0022_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0023_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0023_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0026_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0026_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0031_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0031_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0041_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0041_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0045_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0045_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0035_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0035_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0046_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0046_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0052_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0052_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0057_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0057_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0051_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0051_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0060_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0060_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0061_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0061_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0063_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0063_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0064_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0064_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0067_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0067_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0069_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0069_ Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0071_Jennifer B Photography-Haydon & Mary Lawrence-pics-2018-0071_

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Paul and Stephanie rock Paul & Stephanie's Wedding Day Celebration!

Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0001_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0001_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0003_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0003_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0006_


Paul & Stephanie met in the Army.  When they met, Stephanie was Paul's Company Commander.  Such an exciting couple!  They planned their wedding through their deployments (yes!  Both were deployed).  Stephanie planned everything amazingly!  The day went perfectly!

Paul and Stephanie showed up with their friends ready to celebrate!  The weather was perfect for this spring wedding!  

Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0007_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0007_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0019_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0019_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0009_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0009_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0024_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0024_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0026_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0026_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0033_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0033_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0034_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0034_

Stephanie arrived with her bridesmaids, and Paul with his groomsmen, in the amazing Fair Barn in Pinehurst.   Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0036_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0036_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0037_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0037_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0038_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0038_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0043_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0043_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0059_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0059_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0060_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0060_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0064_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0064_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0074_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0074_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0077_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0077_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0078_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0078_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0093_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0093_

Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0095_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0095_

They shared a sweet and emotional first look.  Paul was in awe over his beautiful bride and Stephanie melted in his arms. Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0099_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0099_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0100_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0100_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0104_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0104_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0105_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0105_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0109_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0109_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0111_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0111_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0112_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0112_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0119_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0119_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0121_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0121_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0122_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0122_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0124_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0124_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0133_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0133_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0125_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0125_


Surrounded by family and their closest friends, the pair exchanged vows and rings.  

Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0080_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0080_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0070_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0070_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0147_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0147_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0148_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0148_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0149_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0149_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0154_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0154_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0155_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0155_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0157_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0157_

Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0003_Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0003_ Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0007_Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0007_ Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0006_

"The Army Never looked so good!"

Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0010_Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0010_ Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0012_Jennifer B Photography-Paul & Stephanie's Wedding-ceremony-JB-2018-0012_

Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0184_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0184_

Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0185_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0185_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0193_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0193_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0195_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0195_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0200_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0200_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0203_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0203_

Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0139_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0139_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0168_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0168_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0186_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0186_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0221_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0221_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0224_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0224_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0238_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0238_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0240_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0240_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0267_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0267_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0311_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0311_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0327_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0327_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0333_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0333_ Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0338_Jennifer B Photography-JB Favorites-2018-0338_



Thanks to the creative team!

My BFF and second shooter, Tiffany

Venue: The Fair Barn

Matt Butterworth Ultra Mix Events

Hair & Makeup: Retro Studio Bar

Catering: Elliot's 

Rentals: Ward Productions

Planner: Jill Fahey

Florals: Tina French

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Best wishes to Paul and Stephanie What an amazing wedding!  Congratulations, Paul & Stephanie!!! Paul & Steph Slideshow

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Jon and Anna Rock Jon and Anna were sweethearts since high school.  

They planned their wedding while finishing college.  Theirs is a true celebration.  The weather was perfect for a spring wedding.  

Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0016_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0016_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0020_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0023_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0023_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0026_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0026_

Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0024_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0024_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0027_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0027_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0029_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0029_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0031_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0031_

Anna arrived with her bridesmaids, and Jon with his groomsmen, in sweet Conway, SC.  Surrounded by family and their closest friends, the pair exchanged vows and rings in the church Anna grew up in.

Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0025_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0025_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0034_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0034_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0038_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0038_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0039_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0039_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0041_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0041_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0050_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0050_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0051_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0051_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0053_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0053_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0055_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0055_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0057_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0057_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0058_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0058_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0059_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0059_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0068_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0068_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0069_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0069_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0074_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0074_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0078_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0078_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0080_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0080_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0081_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0081_ Jennifer B Photography-Anna_s Bridal-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-Anna_s Bridal-2018-0020_

Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0086_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0086_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0088_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0088_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0063_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0063_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0064_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0064_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0084_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0084_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0094_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0094_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0095_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0095_

Their advice to future couples...."Start Planning Early!! Don't Stress about anything and have fun, after-all you will be married either way". Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0097_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0097_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0102_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0102_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0103_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0103_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0099_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0099_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0107_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0107_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0108_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0108_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0110_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0110_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0111_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0111_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0114_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0114_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0116_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0116_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0118_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0118_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0120_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0120_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0126_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0126_

Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0121_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0121_

Following the ceremony, guests met inside the Peanut Warehouse nestled in the heart of Conway for a full reception. With delicious food and hoppin' music… it was a thrill of an evening.  Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0003_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0003_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0004_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0004_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0007_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0007_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0129_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0129_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0135_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0135_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0132_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0132_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0146_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0146_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0153_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0153_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0160_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0160_ Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0162_Jennifer B Photography-Jonathan & Anna-Conway SC-2018-0162_

Thanks to the creative team!

My BFF and second shooter, Tiffany

Venue: The Peanut Warehouse

Videographer: Images by Heidi: Heidi Dickerson 

Decorator: Barbara Sarvis
Cake: Gina Lowes 

Rustically Refined - Jacquie Ognibene

Broadway Jake - DJ Dee

Hair & Makeup: Heather Ray & Peyton Hucks from The Grand Salon 

Catering: Momma Rays Catering - Bridget & Timmy Johnson

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Jon and annas wedding day Sweet Hearts!

Congrats to Jon & Anna!!!



Jon & Anna



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Alex and ashlyn engagement in pinehurst Can I tell you how much I love my job?!

Alex & Ashlyn are such a wonderful couple.  Sweet and genuine...and they were so much fun to be around!  

The last time I photographed Ashlyn was for her senior she is graduating college and marrying the man of her dreams.

Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0004_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0004_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0008_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0008_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0013_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0013_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0015_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0015_   Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0005_

Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0014_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0014_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0019_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0019_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0010_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0010_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0018_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0018_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0024_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0024_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0006_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0022_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0022_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0027_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0027_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0030_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0030_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0033_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0033_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0035_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0035_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0038_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0038_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0042_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0042_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0007_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0007_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0043_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0043_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0044_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0044_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0051_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0051_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0053_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0053_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0055_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0055_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0057_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0057_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0058_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0058_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0059_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0059_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0060_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0060_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0062_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0062_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0064_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0064_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0068_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0068_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0069_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0069_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0072_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0072_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0073_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0073_ Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0075_Jennifer B Photography-Alex & Ashlyn's engagement-2018-0075_

]]> (Jennifer B. Photography) jennifer b engagement jennifer b photography Wed, 25 Apr 2018 20:57:01 GMT
rocking the Senior Session I had a wonderful time with this kick-butt senior.  

She was a combination of sweet, fun, and fierce.  I wish her the best!


Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0001Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0001 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0009Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0009 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0012Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0012 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0014Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0014 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0017Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0017 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0018Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0018 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0021Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0021 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0028Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0028 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0030Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0030 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0035Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0035 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0037Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0037 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0041Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0041 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0042Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0042 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0045Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0045 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0049Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0049 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0056Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0056 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0059Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0059 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0057Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0057 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0065Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0065 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0069Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0069 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0075Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0075 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0081Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0081 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0085Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0085 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0092Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0092 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0095Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0095 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0097Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0097 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0110Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0110 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0113Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0113 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0116Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0116 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0120Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0120 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0123Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0123 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0128Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0128 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0129Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0129 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0134Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0134 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0135Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0135 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0138Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0138 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0141Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0141 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0142Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0142 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0144Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0144 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0149Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0149 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0152Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0152 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0156Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0156 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0157Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0157 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0164Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0164 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0168Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0168 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0174Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0174 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0188Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0188 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0186Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0186 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0192Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0192 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0190Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0190 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0200Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0200 Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0203Jennifer B Photography-Meagan's Senior Session-2018-0203

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Jim and leann rock What a wonderful day for a wedding!

Jim & LeAnn originally intended to invite family and friends to an engagement party...they  initially planned to invite a preacher and just decide to announce they would get married right then and there.  But those closest to them had something else in mind...and they planned a wonderful wedding day.


Many thanks to the creative team:

My man and amazing second shooter, Lewis Beeman

Jeff Cowell and his amazing team at Long Leaf Golf and Family Club

Cindy Cook, Food and Beverage Manager at Heartwood

Chef Charles Toomer of the Heartwood at Long Leaf

Hollyfield Designs, Floral Designer

Hair & Makeup by Arianna from Beautopia

The Broad Street Bakery for their delicious cake 

Party Tyme Entertainment


Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0052_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0052_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0059_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0059_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0064_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0064_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0061_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0061_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0011_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0011_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0073_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0073_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0081_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0081_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0083_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0083_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0084_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0084_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0025_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0025_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0026_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0026_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0094_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0094_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0029_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0029_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0099_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0099_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0102_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0102_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0104_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0104_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0087_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0087_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0090_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0090_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0115_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0115_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0117_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0117_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0124_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0124_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0158_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0158_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0039_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0039_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0159_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0159_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0163_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0163_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0166_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0166_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0041_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0041_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0167_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0167_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0042_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0042_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0172_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0172_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0171_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0171_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0004_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2017-0004_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0134_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0134_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0174_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0174_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0175_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0175_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0178_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0178_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0181_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0181_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0182_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0182_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0187_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0187_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0128_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0128_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0223_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0223_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0252_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0252_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0227_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0227_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0231_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0231_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0233_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0233_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0238_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0238_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0242_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0242_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0274_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0274_ Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0278_Jennifer B Photography-Jim & LeAnn's Wedding Day-2018-0278_

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Jim and leanns wedding day Congratulations to a wonderful couple!

Jim & JeAnn

]]> (Jennifer B. Photography) #jenniferbphotography jennifer b weddings Mon, 16 Apr 2018 22:27:42 GMT
One year olds are messy and fun The last time I saw this little one was when he was around 10 days old...he slept most of our session.  

Boy have things changed.  

He was a delight to work with!  Hopefully he did not go home with a belly-ache.

Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0001_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0001_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0005_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0005_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0006_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0006_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0009_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0009_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0012_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0012_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0017_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0017_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0020_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0020_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0021_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0021_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0024_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0024_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0028_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0028_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0030_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0030_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0032_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0032_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0033_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0033_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0038_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0038_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0039_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0039_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0042_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0042_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0046_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0046_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0047_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0047_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0050_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0050_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0054_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0054_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0060_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0060_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0065_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0065_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0070_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0070_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0076_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0076_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0082_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0082_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0087_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0087_ Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0099_Jennifer B Photography-Causey-1 year old-2018-0099_


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sweet layla I love meeting and getting to know families.  


It is such a blessing to see families grow.  See a couple become parents and witness their excitement and talk to them about the wonderful job of being a parent to precious little ones.  I have taken pictures for this family for 2 years.  Now with their second little angel, they invited me back and I got to spend some wonderful time with them.  This family made me a yummy chocolate pie!  The sweetness of this yummy dessert was a cushion to break the news that the military is taking them elsewhere. Such a sweet family.  I will miss them tons!

Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0003Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0003 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0139Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0139 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0016Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0016 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0020Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0020 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0024Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0024 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0027Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0027 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0030Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0030 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0031Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0031 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0041Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0041 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0045Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0045 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0055Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0055 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0063Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0063 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0068Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0068 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0080Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0080 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0092Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0092 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0093Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0093 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0095Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0095 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0099Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0099 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0110Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0110 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0111Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0111 Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0134Jennifer B Photography-Baby Layla-2018-0134 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0001Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0001 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0005Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0005 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0006Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0006 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0009Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0009 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0010Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0010 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0011Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0011 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0014Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0014 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0016Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0016 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0017Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0017 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0028Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0028 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0030Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0030 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0033Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0033 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0034Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0034 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0036Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0036 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0038Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0038 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0042Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0042 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0041Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0041 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0044Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0044 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0045Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0045 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0046Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0046 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0048Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0048 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0049Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0049 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0050Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0050 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0051Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0051 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0055Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0055 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0057Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0057 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0059Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0059 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0061Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0061 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0065Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0065 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0067Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0067 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0070Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0070 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0074Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0074 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0073Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0073 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0076Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0076 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0075Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0075 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0078Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0078 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0082Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0082 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0086Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0086 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0089Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0089 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0095Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0095 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0097Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0097 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0098Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0098 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0099Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0099 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0100Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0100 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0102Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0102 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0105Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0105 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0107Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0107 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0108Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0108 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0109Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0109 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0111Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0111 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0113Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0113 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0114Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0114 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0116Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0116 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0117Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0117 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0119Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0119 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0122Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0122 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0125Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0125 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0129Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0129 Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0128Jennifer B Photography-Batchelor Family 2018-2018-0128

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dowtown fun with a family I love my little town....especially when I get to spend time with some wonderful people.

I got to meet this family as they prepare for their oldest one to head out with the military.  Such an exciting time!

Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0002Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0002 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0005Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0005 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0012Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0012 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0017Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0017 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0021Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0021 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0029Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0029 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0035Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0035 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0036Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0036 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0028Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0028 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0043Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0043 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0041Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0041 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0048Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0048 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0050Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0050 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0053Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0053 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0056Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0056 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0060Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0060 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0059Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0059 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0062Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0062 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0065Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0065 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0066Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0066 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0068Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0068 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0076Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0076 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0083Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0083 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0082Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0082 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0084Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0084 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0086Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0086 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0087Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0087 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0089Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0089 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0093Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0093 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0096Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0096 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0094Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0094 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0102Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0102 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0104Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0104 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0108Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0108 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0110Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0110 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0111Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0111 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0114Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0114 Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0116Jennifer B Photography-Mark Family-2018-0116

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Baby Layla

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